Doing Sports to Burn Calories

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How to you burn spend calories in your aim to lose some weight?

By doing some sports obviously! Follow the guide, there are very many ways to burn calories. Lose a little here and a little there, it ends up starting at the end of the day and after a few weeks, the result will be impressive!

How to burn calories with sport?

A priori, it is mathematical. The more you do some sport, frequently and intensely, the more you will burn in calories.

Advice 1: choose a sport that suits you and that you enjoy, because you must practice it often.

Advice 2: Very gradually increase the pace and your efforts.

Some figures of caloric expenditure of popular sports:

  • Yoga: 100 cal / hour
  • Golf: 130 cal / hour
  • The market: 180-200 cal / hour
  • The gym: 360 cal / hour
  • Water aerobics: 400 cal / hour
  • Cycling: 400-500 cal / hour
  • Swimming: 400 cal / hour
  • Jogging: 600-700 cal / hour
  • Tennis: 600 cal / hour
  • Roller: 800 cal / hour
  • Squash: 900 cal / hour

How to otherwise spend the calories?

There are many other ways to spend calories than to do sport sessions.


Well yes, it is often forgotten that many other activities too burn calories. But the largest share of our calorific expenditure is due to the functioning of our body. Our basal metabolism uses 60-70% of our total energy. In fact, our bodies are large consumers of energy to work. Thus, even at rest, we burn lots of calories.


Another source of spending is digestion and nutrient storage! 10% of our energy enters the so-called termic effect.


sport activities

The remaining 20 to 40% are the result of our physical activities that are highly variable from one person to another. But beware, physical activity does not necessarily mean sport. In this area, any account adds up. In other words, the more active you are, the more is spent, even if it is not sport, because all what you are doing in the day burns calories.

For example, a woman who is not sporty but who cares for her children, works in the office, prepare 3 meals, makes the table, drives her car, goes to the market, carries a few household activities, etc. etc. She has an expenditure of easily more than 2,000 calories. But this woman can still do better still.

The mere fact of thinking is an energy expenditure: 64 calories / hour. A little more sleep (60 calories only) except that we sleep much longer that we think: thus, for a night of 8 hours of sleep, 480 calories is burnt.

Tricks to burn more calories

Start walking: for every half hour, you eliminate at least 90 calories. And the more you walk quickly down the street, the more you spend.

Do not neglect housework: 30 minutes of vacuum cleaner and you burn 100 calories, or more than yoga or golf!

Whenever you do the shopping, you lose 400 calories.

A quarter of an hour of DIY ends in an expenditure of 50 calories. The good thing is that is it also enjoyable.

Gardening is much more depleting with 400 calories per hour.

And finally, multiply the hugs: make love is also an extravagant activity in energy – it will cost between 200 and 300 calories according to your prowess!

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